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How To Festival

We realize the hybrid festival experience might not be something everyone is familiar with. So we’ve created this guide to make it easier for everyone to navigate the online festival experience and enjoy PAAFF 2023 from home and in-person.



Ten feature film screenings will take place in person this year. This will be indicated on their individual pages. Other in-person events include a live panel titled “The Fight for Our Communities” and cinéSPEAK’s In-Process Salon with filmmaker Anula Shetty.

All events will be held at Asian Arts Initiative (1219 Vine Street), with the exception of “The Fight for Our Communities” which will be held at Chinese Christian Church & Center (1101 Vine Street).

What to expect:

  • The building’s front entrance has an ADA accessible ramp.
  • Genderless bathrooms are located on the first floor.
  • First floor windows do not open. If you need fresh air, please exit the building.
  • Festival staff, venue staff, and event volunteers are available if assistance is needed.
  • Primary language spoken by festival staff is English.


Films are accessible online through rentals. Once you begin watching a program, you will have 24 hours to complete it. For more information about supported browsers, availability, and geoblocking, see our rental instructions.

Feature Film and Short Film Rentals

  • Clicking on a film will allow you to view the director bio, film synopsis, and ticket options.
  • PAAFF is offering specially priced festival passes, which gives you online rental access to films. See what’s available here.
  • Select feature films and all short film programs are available for individual rental.
  • Feature film rentals are geoblocked to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Deleware.
  • Note: All films can only be watched on a single device or browser. Once the film has been opened, it cannot be reopened elsewhere. See additional instructions in the bullet point below.