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Film 2166 Directed by Anna Nguyen, Lilian Cao, Winston Liu Two girls are woven into the tapestry of Cabramatta and Canley Vale.


Film 27 Directed by Erica Kwok Yumi, a young woman working at a record store, is on the verge of turning 27. As her…

A Long Alone

Film A Long Alone Directed by Eun-a Yeo The record of discontinued time and place, from dying alone to discovery.
One year period after a person’s solitary…

A Roadside Banquet

Film A Roadside Banquet Directed by Peiqi Peng An eleven years old Chinese girl turns into a feather duster at her baby brother's first birthday party,…


Film Aban Directed by Abbas Taheri, Mahdieh Toosi Under constant pressure from her ex-husband, Nazanin should turn their child - Aban, nine years old - away…
Documentary Features

Above and Below the Ground

Film Above and Below the Ground Directed by Emily Hong In Myanmar’s first and only country-wide environmental movement, Indigenous women activists and punk rock pastors protect a sacred…
Narrative Features

Above the Clouds

This rental is no longer available

Film Above the Clouds Directed by Jon Hill Two Asian-American strangers bond over a lost dog, an old cassette tape, and an unforgettable day while helping…
Short Film Programs

Adventures in Daughtering

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Program Adventures in Daughtering Our relationships to our mothers are some of the most visceral ones we have. It has been said…


Film Aikane Directed by Daniel Sousa, Dean Hamer, Josh Wilson The romantic adventures of a valiant island warrior, a mysterious young man, and an octopus.
Short Film Programs

Another Tomorrow

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Program Another Tomorrow No doubt life is full of ups and downs. What should you do when you make the wrong…

Astonishing Little Feet

Film Astonishing Little Feet Directed by Maegan Houang Afong Moy, the first documented Chinese woman to come to the United States, realizes the men who separated…

Bad Asian

Film Bad Asian Directed by Kim Marcelino An Asian American woman’s internalized racism stands between her and a steamy one-night stand.