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A Roadside Banquet

Directed by Peiqi Peng

An eleven-year-old Chinese girl turns into a feather duster at her baby brother’s first birthday party, soon after learning her parents only ever wanted a boy.

Directed by Peiqi Peng

Director’s Bio: Peiqi Peng is a Chinese writer/director based in Los Angeles, with a BFA in Film and Post-Colonial Studies from Emerson College and an MFA in Directing from the AFI Conservatory. A child fantasy writer who later studied Sociology, Peng loves socially conscious female dramas with fantasy, gore and absurdist elements. Her narrative shorts have been screened at festivals including Durban International Film Festival, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, the Chinese American Film Festival and LA Shorts. A semi-finalist in the ScreenCraft Film Fund Competition, Peng worked in script development for FilmNation, Partizan and Imagine Entertainment.

Plays in

Revisiting Landscapes: Children’s Perspectives

Children observe and listen to those around them. But their understanding of a situation doesn’t always align with that of adults. In these shorts, filmmakers tap into the unique emotional and psychological perspectives of young people to tell their stories. What does it feel like to be bullied by your classmates? to struggle against the forces of unforgiving climates? How can a person hold onto a sense of self against the pressures of culture and tradition? Glimpse the world anew through this shorts program!