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Film 2166 Directed by Anna Nguyen, Lilian Cao, Winston Liu Two girls are woven into the tapestry of Cabramatta and Canley Vale.

A Roadside Banquet

Film A Roadside Banquet Directed by Peiqi Peng An eleven years old Chinese girl turns into a feather duster at her baby brother's first birthday party,…

Before Leaving

Film Before Leaving Directed by Kunao Yan Before leaving China to study abroad, Xiao Jun goes on a family trip to visit his grandparents after…

For Roy

Film For Roy Directed by Vivian Cheung Inspired by true events, an imaginative girl attempts to fold a thousand cranes as she learns to lose…

House of Enigma

Film House of Enigma Directed by Slade Warnken, Ying Dai Using gender and artistic expression alike, two artists on opposite sides of the world explore what it means…


Film Lunchbox Directed by Anne Hu When a Taiwanese American woman prepares lunches from her childhood, she struggles to
forgive herself for pushing away her…


Film Mandarins Directed by Chelsie Pennello A black sheep attempts to eulogize her mother with a story about pigeons.

My Grandmother is an Egg

Film My Grandmother is an Egg Directed by Wu-Ching Chang As a child, the director's grandmother was given to another family to be raised as a future daughter-in-law.…


Film Parrots Directed by Jennifer Nie A day in the life of two girls living in the San Gabriel Valley.

Shanghai Fish

Film Shanghai Fish Directed by Wei Tao An old man in Shanghai meets the boyfriend that his grandson with language expressive disorder brings home.

Tequila Sunset

Film Tequila Sunset Directed by Jinsui Song Overworked and lonely, an old woman caring for her ailing husband attempts to take a much-needed break from…

The Connection

Film The Connection Directed by Peng Yue A mysterious boy jolts a lonely girl out of her dull routine, but his sudden disappearance sends her…

The Jennie Show: In the Hotpot Seat

Film The Jennie Show: In the Hotpot Seat Directed by Kevin Lee The wacky adventures of an American-born-Taiwanese girl learning to embrace the quirks of life in Taipei.