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Tequila Sunset

Directed by Jinsui Song

WINNER – Best Narrative Short

Some tequila, a little OJ, and a splash of grenadine. Is that too much to ask for? Jia doesn’t think so. At 70 years old, she deserves a break! But when the toll of looking after her dementia-ridden husband gets too heavy, she starts imagining other creative solutions so she can finally relax.

Directed by Jinsui Song
Produced by Zhi Qi Yeo and Jinsui Song

Director’s Bio: Jinsui Song is a writer-director and editor based in Los Angeles. She recently graduated from the MFA Directing program at UCLA and holds a BFA in Screenwriting from Beijing Film Academy. Her undergraduate thesis The Test was selected for the 39th Cairo International Film Festival “Cinema of Tomorrow”. Her graduate thesis Something Blue is supported by the Panavision New Filmmaker Program. Growing up in Shenzhen, China, a metropolis situated in Guangdong Province, she struggled between traditional Cantonese values and modern aspirations. She endeavors to create films about women, in particular Chinese/Chinese-American women, and the many facets of their womanhood.

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Inside Jokes

Inside jokes connect us to the people we love the most, even if they may sometimes cause us to laugh when we shouldn’t. By tackling topics such as caring for an aging loved one, intergenerational culture clash, and the myriad emotions brought on by spending time in our own heads, these films invite you to find humor within the ebb and flow of life.