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House of Enigma

Directed by Slade Warnken, Ying Dai

“House of Enigma” is a 10-minute short film exploring gender on an international scale. Using gender and artistic expression alike, two artists on opposite sides of the world explore what it means to exist as an enigma, something that can never be defined, only expressed.

Directed by Slade Warnken and Ying Dai
Produced by David A. Holcombe

Directors’ Bios: Slade Warnken aka Sw33t is a musician and documentary filmmaker with a focus on how we express identity, desire and transformation through performance. Based in New Orleans, Slade’s true passion is creating spaces that encourage multi disciplinary collaboration and “House of Enigma” was no different. Her goal was to create a film that brought together queer artists all over the world to try and describe the intangible feeling of finding a home in your body through performance and artistic expression.

Ying Dai is a Chinese photographer, filmmaker, and a multi-disciplinary scholar. They are currently based in Chicago, IL and Madison, WI. Their work focuses on issues of gender, queerness, immigration, fat liberation, anti-imperialism, and BIPOC resistance and joy. Their creative motivations stem from a deep commitment to their communities and a fierce love for their friends.



Directed by Sung-bin Byun

There still might be hope in this town where I was born and denied.

Dates & Times


Asian Arts Initiative

Fri, Nov 3
7:00 pm