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Directed by Sung-bin Byun

WINNER – Best Narrative Feature

There still might be hope in this town where I was born and denied.

Myung is a trans woman who has cut ties with her family and hometown because of who she is. Now it seems that all she needs is surgery, but the only way to earn enough money is by winning the Waacking dance competition. One day she receives a call that her father passed away and she will gain his legacy if she performs the Drum Dance at his memorial. With no choice left, Myung returns to her hometown to perform according to her father’s will.

This film will screen in person only.

Directed by Sung-bin Byun
Produced by Sung-bin Byun and Suk-chan Yoon

Director’s Bio: Born in Seoul, 1991, Sung-bin Byun majored in Oriental philosophy and Film at Sungkyunkwan University. His short film “God’s Daughter Dances” was invited and awarded in Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, and including this film, his shorts were acknowledged in various film festivals. Peafowl is his first feature film.

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Dates & Times


Asian Arts Initiative

Fri, Nov 3
7:00 pm