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Directed by Anne Hu

A dramatic, three-part, coming-of-age short about regret, healing, and honoring the people we love. Using her deceased immigrant mother’s recipe book, Taiwanese American Shirley makes zongzi, turnip cake, and hand-cut noodles. As she cooks, each dish evokes a childhood memory in which she grows progressively older and more distant from her Taiwanese culture and mother. When Shirley’s assimilation efforts culminate in her election to the Homecoming Court, a mistake by Shirley’s mother humiliates her, eliciting cruel words Shirley can never take back. Based on a true story, this retelling examines the personal cost of fitting in as well as the recovery from cultural and familial loss.

Directed by Anne Hu
Produced by Anne Hu, Gilana Lobel, Oliver Brooks, Rachel Liu, Chenney Chen, and Gabriella Murillo

Director’s Bio: Anne Hu is a Taiwanese American, award-winning director, writer, editor, and actress. Her directing focus is in narrative film and TV. Hu finished the pilot Netflix Original Series Directors Development program in Spring 2022. As seen in The Hollywood Reporter, Hu made the 2020 Alice List for Emerging Female Filmmakers who Have Not Yet Directed a Feature. She shadowed director Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) on Netflix’s The Society. Hu is also a fellow of the 2019 Space on Ryder Farm Film Lab. She has directed, written, and starred in award-winning short films. Her short “Cake” was accepted into 38 festivals, earned 9 awards, and was featured in The Washington Post.

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Another Tomorrow

No doubt life is full of ups and downs. What should you do when you make the wrong decisions? What if those choices affect others? Will you be content with being told a half truth? Should the past remain buried? No matter the outcome, the following films show us that there will always be another day.