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Shanghai Fish

Directed by Wei Tao

In an old apartment in Shanghai, grandfather, a film actor who has played a small role all his life, lives together with his grandson Yanyan, who has expressive language disorder. He is worried about his grandson’s life after he leaves, thus he travels around to arrange a blind date for him. One day, Yanyan brings home Ping, a young Chinese man from Penang, Malaysia. The grandfather, grandson and this “good friend” started a weird, wonderful table conversation.

Directed by Wei Tao
Produced by Hu Jiali and Cai Jianping

Director’s Bio: Wei Tao, born in mainland China, has lived and worked in Japan since 2014. He studied at Musashino Art University.

Plays in

Queer Dreams & Waking Life

The mundanity of our lives often feels torturous, especially when contrasted with the fantasies we conceive to escape that daily grind. When coupled with the longings and repression of queer love, this despair can become overwhelming. Nevertheless, the very ideas of romance and desire, whether unrequited or fleeting or separated by great distances of time and space, can provide a glimmer of hope in the bleakest of situations. In these films, characters dealing with the everyday experiences of depression, social alienation, the specter of death, and even legal and workplace frustrations are given respite by the sheer beauty of queer connection and potential freedom. Even as we are anchored to the ground by brutal realities, imagination can give us wings to soar.