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The Jennie Show: In the Hotpot Seat

Directed by Kevin Lee

Jennie is a Taiwanese American girl freshly relocated to her ancestral home. In this animated comedy, Jennie explores life in Taiwan through a series of culturally challenging experiences, ultimately learning that life on this far-flung island is quirky, heart-warming, and a whole lot of fun.

Directed by Kevin Lee
Produced by Charlie Chen

Director’s Bio: Kevin Lee was born in California and grew up in Taiwan. He graduated from the University of Washington and received a screenwriting certificate from the New York Film Academy in
2012. Since then, he has worked in Taipei as a video director, making comedy skits, animation, web commercials, documentaries, and music videos.

Plays in

Young, Dumb, & Asian American

Being “dumb,” wild, and free are the cornerstones of youth. At times it can feel like Asian Americans are caught between the expectations of our parents and the society around us. This shorts program reminds us that it’s okay not to take life too seriously or to take silly things way too seriously.