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Young, Dumb, & Asian American

Being “dumb,” wild, and free are the cornerstones of youth. At times it can feel like Asian Americans are caught between the expectations of our parents and the society around us. This shorts program reminds us that it’s okay not to take life too seriously or to take silly things way too seriously.

Program curated by Nova Meng.

Pre-recorded Q&A available with rental.

In this program

When You Left Me On That Boulevard

Directed by Kayla Abuda Galang

Teenager Ly and her cousins get high before a boisterous family Thanksgiving at their auntie’s house in southeast San Diego in 2006.

The Jennie Show: In the Hotpot Seat

Directed by Kevin Lee

The wacky adventures of an American-born-Taiwanese girl learning to embrace the quirks of life in Taipei.

Dawn of Skates

Directed by Mitch Truong

A Vietnamese-American teenager finds her confidence through a great mentor and the art of rollerskating.


Directed by Hannah So

A K-Pop star stirs up trouble for a young marketing executive when he’s dead set on wearing a hairstyle that’s cultural appropriation.

Just an Ordinary Dinner

Directed by Will Pak

A Korean-American daughter clashes with her patriarchal father during a family dinner.

Party Favor

Directed by Yasmine Gomez

A Filipino-American woman grapples with going behind her strict Catholic sister’s back to buy condoms for her 14-year-old niece.