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Dawn of Skates

Directed by Mitch Truong

Dawn Pham is a Vietnamese-American teenager growing up in the 90’s. Inspired by Michelle Kwan, Dawn yearns to emulate that success in her own life. Dawn hopes that through her own pursuit, she can help support her family through financial hardship – and maybe win a gold medal in the process. Upon realizing the means and dedication that ice skating requires, Dawn pivots to roller skating – thinking it may be a more attainable skill. Inspired by another skater at the local rink, Dawn musters up the courage to ask Nia if she would be willing to give lessons to a beginner. Nia takes Dawn on a journey of improvement – both inside and outside the rink. Despite Dawn’s self-doubt, Nia inspires her to enter into a competition. Through dedication, perseverance, and bravery, Nia shows Dawn that the reward is not the medal at all, but the experience.

Directed by Mitch Truong
Produced by Mitch Truong and Sean Visser

Director’s Bio: First generation Vietnamese-American filmmaker & Bay Area native. Mitch graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Studio Arts with a focus in Metal Sculpture. She fell in love with acting, writing, and filmmaking when she gave herself permission to explore the medium after college. An avid roller skater herself, she longs to shed light on the benefits of roller skating & her deep appreciation of the roller skating community.

Plays in

Young, Dumb, & Asian American

Being “dumb,” wild, and free are the cornerstones of youth. At times it can feel like Asian Americans are caught between the expectations of our parents and the society around us. This shorts program reminds us that it’s okay not to take life too seriously or to take silly things way too seriously.