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Just an Ordinary Dinner

Directed by Will Pak

In this modern family narrative with a mythical twist, cultural and generational divides between a patriarchal father and his rebellious daughter bring a Korean-American family dinner to chaos.

Directed by Will Pak

Director’s Bio: Will Pak is an aspiring animation director who recently graduated from Rhode Island School of Design (BFA 2022), aiming to tell stories that integrate elements from his own childhood experiences and upbringing. Will is very interested in stories revolving around family dynamics and his works often feature idiosyncratic, sympathetic introverts. His senior thesis film “Just An Ordinary Dinner” expresses intergenerational family tension in a Korean-American household, combining a playful tone with a sharp critique on patriarchy and gender roles. Going forward, Will intends to further explore different genres and visual styles while still retaining consistent themes that reflect his personal experiences and identity.

Plays in

Young, Dumb, & Asian American

Being “dumb,” wild, and free are the cornerstones of youth. At times it can feel like Asian Americans are caught between the expectations of our parents and the society around us. This shorts program reminds us that it’s okay not to take life too seriously or to take silly things way too seriously.