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Film 2166 Directed by Anna Nguyen, Lilian Cao, Winston Liu Two girls are woven into the tapestry of Cabramatta and Canley Vale.

A Long Alone

Film A Long Alone Directed by Eun-a Yeo The record of discontinued time and place, from dying alone to discovery.
One year period after a person’s solitary…


Film Aikane Directed by Daniel Sousa, Dean Hamer, Josh Wilson The romantic adventures of a valiant island warrior, a mysterious young man, and an octopus.

Candy Apple

Film Candy Apple Directed by Luke Tianxiang Liu A middle-aged man has trouble balancing his work and taking care of his father.

Dance on! Nonoko!

Film Dance on! Nonoko! Directed by Wanci Hua Nonoko the cat and Haro the rabbit dance to share a bittersweet goodbye on their graduation day.

First Period

Film First Period Directed by Julianna Romero After a catholic middle schooler gets bullied about her period, her friend consoles her about accepting menstruation as…

Goose Quest

This rental is no longer available

Film Goose Quest Directed by Clarisse Chua When Goosie's hamster, Nibbles, dies, the young goose will go on a quest to find the restart button.


Film IMUGI Directed by George Park Studying under a renowned painter, Bi-Hyun refuses to stop painting the mythical creature, Imugi, despite her teacher's harsh…

Just an Ordinary Dinner

Film Just an Ordinary Dinner Directed by Will Pak A Korean-American daughter clashes with her patriarchal father during a family dinner.

Kain Tayo!

Film Kain Tayo! Directed by Kirsten Magbanua What's a party without dessert? A young boy races to fetch dessert for the party before his older…

My Grandmother is an Egg

Film My Grandmother is an Egg Directed by Wu-Ching Chang As a child, the director's grandmother was given to another family to be raised as a future daughter-in-law.…


Film Parrots Directed by Jennifer Nie A day in the life of two girls living in the San Gabriel Valley.


Film Sleep Directed by Peiyu Zheng A story about a Witch, a frog, and their neighbors.

The Best for Beef

Film The Best for Beef Directed by Yeng Madayag A lost cat named Beef who has a T-bone steak marking on his back and an affection for…
Narrative Features

The Forest of Miss Tang

This rental is no longer available

Film The Forest of Miss Tang Directed by Denis Do An existential quest through the generations of a single family, shaken by 200 years of history in China.

The Jennie Show: In the Hotpot Seat

Film The Jennie Show: In the Hotpot Seat Directed by Kevin Lee The wacky adventures of an American-born-Taiwanese girl learning to embrace the quirks of life in Taipei.

The Little Poet

Film The Little Poet Directed by Justine King A love letter to a girl in a painting.

The Old Young Crow

Film The Old Young Crow Directed by Liam LoPinto An Iranian boy befriends an old Japanese woman at a graveyard in Tokyo.