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Candy Apple

Directed by Luke Tianxiang Liu

NOMINEE – Best Student Short

Dante is swamped with his work. However, his “son” Lucas keeps interrupting and asking him to go to a carnival. After losing his temper and scolding Lucas, Dante comes back to the living room and finds that Lucas is missing…

Directed by Luke Tianxiang Liu

Director’s Bio: Luke was born and raised in China. After graduating from CAFA, he found his passion in storytelling. In 2018, he has relocated to LA, and started pursuing his career as a storyboard artist and film-director focusing on creating universal, entertaining, and unique stories.

Plays in

Growing Up: Family Shorts

From childhood through our adult lives we make new friends and families members. They can be small, smelly, and furry – or they can look exactly like us. As we grow, we face our fears and – most importantly – share laughs. After all, all we have is each other. The following films present these shared experiences.