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Dance on! Nonoko!

Directed by Wanci Hua

It’s graduation day. Haro finds his friend Nonoko, who should be at the ceremony, sitting alone on the rooftop. Haro invites Nonoko to dance a little dance, through the classroom and the clouds, through their sweet memories of the school.

Directed by Wanci Hua

Director’s Bio: Wanci Hua is a Taiwanese animator, studying at California Institute of the Arts. She loves creating sharing tender and whimsical stories that usually involve adorable creatures.

Plays in

Growing Up: Family Shorts

From childhood through our adult lives we make new friends and families members. They can be small, smelly, and furry – or they can look exactly like us. As we grow, we face our fears and – most importantly – share laughs. After all, all we have is each other. The following films present these shared experiences.