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Directed by Anna Nguyen, Lilian Cao, Winston Liu

2166 is a film that documents snippets of daily lives and memories within the Sydney suburbs of Cabramatta and Canley Vale. Focusing on sensory experiences, people and relationships, children and the elderly, workers, gossiping aunties and the overwhelming feeling you get when you’re in Cabramatta that memories are constantly being created all around you.

Directed by Anna Nguyen, Lilian Cao, and Winston Liu

Directors’ Bios: Anna is a Vietnamese-Australian illustrator, animator, and calligrapher from Sydney. She likes to create fun and quirky artworks that have a whimsical nostalgic vibe. Anna has created Graphic designs for traditional news media and is currently in production for TV Animation.

Lilian Cao is an animator and cartoonist from Sydney. Her work has appeared in Voiceworks Magazine, Queer Vertigo and the comics anthology, Steady Diet.

Winston is an Illustrator and Animator based in Sydney. He specialises in 2D animation and is currently working in the TV and streaming industry.

Plays in

Home as Character

The scent of your neighbor’s garden, the hustle and bustle of people flowing in and out of the bodega down the block, the laughter of children playing silly games in the street – home is more than just a setting. It’s the people, the places, the history, the memories, and the way they all come together. These short films all depict a home that can be described as a character in and of itself. From the quiet resilience of a city in “Kathmandu Monsoon” to the smoldering generational anger of Hawaiʻi in “Inheritance,” these films depict a home that holds as much weight and depth as the people that inhabit it.