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The Connection

Directed by Peng Yue

A mysterious boy jolts a lonely girl out of her dull routine, but his sudden disappearance sends her on a disorienting quest across shifting realities. As she navigates grief and confusion, glimmers of hope emerge from life’s impermanence. For it is only once we wake up that dreams can come true.

Directed by Peng Yue
Produced by Luyao Tian, Bo Peng, and Yi Huang

Director’s Bio: Peng Yue is a graduate of Bournemouth University. He is a part of the Pearl River Film Group.

Plays in

Hidden Passages

An astral door. A secret highway. A lost memory. As we are propelled across history, through pain, and into transcendence, the only thing we have to hold onto is other people. In this showcase of potent and evocative short films, the fantastic and surreal coalesce with deep human truths, telling stories about what we mean to each other and ourselves through the primal language of dreams and impulses. Characters overcome grief, find lost loves, and reconnect with the past. Explore the realms of joy, fear, and wonder as we enter life’s hidden passages.