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Directed by Theodore Caleb Haas

98-year-old Homer Yasui takes four generations of his family to his secret mushroom-hunting grounds in Oregon in search of the prized and delicious matsutake, passing on a longtime Japanese American tradition.

Directed by Theodore Caleb Haas
Produced by Mari Hayman

Director’s Bio: Born and raised in Philadelphia, Theodore Caleb Haas is a fourth-generation Yasui family member and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. His production company,, specializes in character-driven, cinematic storytelling using all in-house camera and lighting equipment.

Plays in

Fraying Threads

The threads of our lineages weave together to tell the story of the present day. It is often complicated and messy. Some threads are stronger than others, and sometimes we have to choose what we carry with us and what to leave behind. This showcase explores different lineages—from parent to child to cultural practices being passed down to the next generation—and what it means to tug upon them as we walk into the future.