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Silk and Iron

Directed by Kee Streater Heywood

Antiques live many lives, possessing a special ability to persist throughout time. With “Silk and Iron,” the filmmakers turn their lenses to some of the world’s most intriguing artifacts, remnants of an ancient warrior class that once dominated Japanese society. The spirits still within each piece of armor are recognized through the musings of a master restorationist, and the viewer is encouraged to embrace and appreciate the power of being surrounded by objects of personal meaning.

Directed by Kee Streater Heywood
Produced by Mohammad Sigari

Director’s Bio: In the early 2000’s, a kid in rural Alaska first discovered his family’s DV camcorder (one of those that beeped like R2D2 when you popped open the back). At the time, running around in the woods creating home movies with his friends felt like a passing interest. Little did he know that two decades later, he will have turned what was considered a fun hobby into a professional career he absolutely loves. Always eager to grow as an artist, his experience includes 15+ years of extensive exposure to all aspects of production on a variety of formats, most specifically documentary, commercial work, and short narratives. You can follow his work at

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Fraying Threads

The threads of our lineages weave together to tell the story of the present day. It is often complicated and messy. Some threads are stronger than others, and sometimes we have to choose what we carry with us and what to leave behind. This showcase explores different lineages—from parent to child to cultural practices being passed down to the next generation—and what it means to tug upon them as we walk into the future.