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The Alexander Ball

Directed by Jessica Magro

Ballroom culture originated within 1960’s – 1970’s New York founded by Black and Latinx trans women after the continuous discrimination from the LGBTQIA+ community. It’s a global movement, lifestyle and a cutthroat competition where competitors known as walkers compete in various categories for the grand prize. The Alexander Ball is Australia’s first look into the hypnotising world of Ballroom through an observational documentary extravaganza, following the exhilarating journey of Samoan-Māori-Australian trans woman of colour, Ella Ganza, as she and her ballroom family prepare for one of the biggest events of the year: The Alexander Ball.

Directed by Jessica Magro

Director’s Bio: Jessica Magro is a proud Samoan-Maltese-Australian Producer, Director and founder of independent production company Purple Carrot Entertainment focussing on Pasifika-Australian stories. In 2021 she was selected as a Screen Producers Australia ‘Ones to Watch’ Producer, received the annual SPA internship and was named a ‘2023 Rising Talent’ by IF Magazine.

Plays in

Recognition, Liberation, Celebration

Over the years, we have watched the struggle for trans liberation make immense strides. Outdated ideas about gender have been torn down by people fighting to be recognized for who they are. That struggle has also met with devastating setbacks in recent years in the form of reactionary legislation and inflammatory public discourse – including provocations to violence. Despite everything, trans people will persevere and find moments of joy and solace in community. These documentaries follow such individuals as they experience hardship, heal from trauma, and celebrate life – all with the knowledge that there is no option but for the world to change.