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Directed by Iranmehr Salimi

NOMINEE – Best Documentary Short

Zainab is a successful girl volleyball player who considers herself a boy in spirit, and now she has decided to undergo gender transition. If she does this, she will lose her professional future forever due to her short stature, as well as her livelihood – jeopardizing her family.

Directed by Iranmehr Salimi

Director’s Bio: Born in 1994, Iranmehr Salimi learned painting at the age of 14 and received her BA in Television and Digital Arts from Iran Broadcasting University at age 19. She received her MA in Animation Directing from Tarbiat Modares University and won Iran’s student painting competition in 2012. “Unnamed” is her first film as a director.

Plays in

Recognition, Liberation, Celebration

Over the years, we have watched the struggle for trans liberation make immense strides. Outdated ideas about gender have been torn down by people fighting to be recognized for who they are. That struggle has also met with devastating setbacks in recent years in the form of reactionary legislation and inflammatory public discourse – including provocations to violence. Despite everything, trans people will persevere and find moments of joy and solace in community. These documentaries follow such individuals as they experience hardship, heal from trauma, and celebrate life – all with the knowledge that there is no option but for the world to change.