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The Nodey Process

Directed by Maël Lê-Hurand and Vincent Nguyên aka Francis Cutter

In the midst of an identity crisis, French Vietnamese hip-hop producer Nodey decides to leave his native Paris for Asia. Between Paris, Shanghai, and Saigon, his nomadic and creative journey sparks an irreversible reinvention.

Directed by Maël Lê-Hurand & Vincebnt Nguyễn aka Francis Cutter
Producted by Maël Lê-Hurand
Written by Tâm-Anh Lê-Khac

About the filmmakers:

Maël Lê-Hurand is a French-Vietnamese director and producer. Prior to The Nodey Process (2021), he directed two documentaries: Rêves de septembre(2014), on the 2013 Chilean student movement championning for a public universities, and Hadès, la mécanique orange (26 min, 2011) on the terrible effects of Agent Orange on millions of Vietnamese victims.

Vincent Nguyên aka Francis Cutter is a Paris-based Director and VFX Artist. Prior to The Nodey Process (2021), he was awarded by a French Victoire de la Musique for his first music video : F.U.Y.A by the turntablist crew C2C (2012), and then the best director prize from 2013 IMFV for the “Mon Pote” (Flynt and Orelsan) music video.

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