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Chasing Jupiter

Directed by Linjie Huang

An odd young woman who has devoted 120% herself to astrophotography becomes aggressive when she finds out her shooting plan is sabotaged by her dog. As she fights her dog to get everything back to control, she realizes she is losing her best friend in life and there is something more than just work in life.

Directed by Linjie Huang
Produced by Tarun Kanakamedala

Director’s Bio: After suffering for twenty years of pursuing Chinese traditional values of being practical and doing something engineering, Linjie Huang decided to unleash her inner self and pursue her voice in filmmaking. Linjie has experienced many unfortunate and uncomfortable moments. Instead of depicting depressing stories, Linjie dedicates herself to telling those negative moments with amusing fables. Currently a student at the University of Southern California, Linjie plans to continue exploring her unique storytelling approach.

Plays in

Growing Up: Family Shorts

From childhood through our adult lives we make new friends and families members. They can be small, smelly, and furry – or they can look exactly like us. As we grow, we face our fears and – most importantly – share laughs. After all, all we have is each other. The following films present these shared experiences.