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Forget me – a goodbye letter

Directed by Ryan Chun-ren Shih

After years of living alone in a foreign land, she faced the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her strained relationship with her son changed when he moved back to their hometown during the pandemic. Meanwhile, a long-lost letter from her father, written on the eve of his execution 60 years ago, arrived from Taiwan. When her son discovered the letter, it sparked the possibility of a meaningful conversation between mother and son.

Directed by Ryan Chun-ren Shih
Produced by Liam Young

Director’s Bio: Ryan Chun-ren Shih is a LA-based filmmaker with a background in design and architecture, whose breadth of work spans fiction and non-fiction, among his multi discipline training included researcher and media producer. Ryan’s unique perspective allows him to explore the intricate relationship between visual language and storytelling, setting him apart from his peers in the industry.

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Another Tomorrow

No doubt life is full of ups and downs. What should you do when you make the wrong decisions? What if those choices affect others? Will you be content with being told a half truth? Should the past remain buried? No matter the outcome, the following films show us that there will always be another day.