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Instant Noodle

Directed by Michelle Sastraatmadja

Marianna, an Indonesian woman, goes on a grocery run to buy an instant noodle, a dish her recently deceased Indonesian Mom would often prepare. She unexpectedly encounters a series of events that would force her to embrace her Asian heritage and to properly grieve her mother’s death.

Directed by Michelle Sastraatmadja
Produced by Nidhi Kulikarni and Jiayun Li

Director’s Bio: Having been born in Indonesia, Michelle can’t help but fall in love with storytelling. It is in her blood. The Indonesian people’s love of storytelling could be seen from their use of traditional shadow puppets, comic books, film, and music. All of this serves as an inspiration for Michelle, who wishes to bring Indonesian style and stories to her films.

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Adventures in Daughtering

Our relationships to our mothers are some of the most visceral ones we have. It has been said that this is all the more for daughters. The characters in these shorts display tremendous devotion whether they are in the role of daughter, granddaughter, or daughter-in-law.