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Directed by Sara Rangooni

Safa, a first generation, young Pakistani, Muslim hijabi is determined to pursue her dream to dance despite the challenges she faces with her family. Forced to endure levels of islamophobia and cultural stigma from the community around her on one of the most important days of her life, she charters a path in hopes of rewriting her own narrative, all while caring for her Mother who is sick with cancer.

Directed by Sara Rangooni

Director’s Bio: Sara Rangooni, founder of Dalphinium Media, is a Director and Writer dedicated to changing the narrative for equity deserving communities through powerful story-telling. Born and raised in Toronto, Sara has a decade long experience in digital media where she honed her skills in marketing and creative visuals. Her award-winning screenplay, “Leveled”, has catapulted her to new heights. “Leveled” is centred around one of many projects she’s working on that is changing the narrative for Muslim women. She believes in the power of changing perspectives through 4-dimensional storytelling.

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Adventures in Daughtering

Our relationships to our mothers are some of the most visceral ones we have. It has been said that this is all the more for daughters. The characters in these shorts display tremendous devotion whether they are in the role of daughter, granddaughter, or daughter-in-law.