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Directed by Christina Yoon

Leah, a Korean adoptee raised in America, returns to Korea to search for her birth mother. Leah is met with secrecy from the adoption agency as well as her own family but remains relentless on her solo journey, driven by her longing to discover the truth of her origins.

Directed by Christina Yoon
Produced by Jungyoon Kim and Grace Merriman

Director’s Bio: Christina Yoon is an award-winning writer/director from New York and Atlanta and a graduate of Columbia University in Screenwriting & Directing. She makes dramas and genre films exploring trauma, alienation, and identity. As a TV writer, she has written for Apple TV+’s Pachinko. Her films have been selected at numerous Oscar-qualifying festivals including Palm Springs International ShortFest, Hamptons International Film Festival, HollyShorts Film Festival, Woodstock Film Festival, and more.

Plays in

Another Tomorrow

No doubt life is full of ups and downs. What should you do when you make the wrong decisions? What if those choices affect others? Will you be content with being told a half truth? Should the past remain buried? No matter the outcome, the following films show us that there will always be another day.