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Directed by Daniel Lee

Raised in California, Sol has just returned to Korea with his parents. Staying at his aunt’s house with his mother, Sol develops a curiosity for pet-fish. He also begins to encounter the puzzling circumstances that brought his family back to Korea.

Directed by Daniel Lee

Director’s Bio: Daniel Lee is a writer and filmmaker from South Korea. Lee studied filmmaking at NYU Abu Dhabi. Lee’s films frequently incorporate documentary, fiction, and poetry in delving into biographical films about immigration and class struggle. Lee presented his experimental documentary short, “How You Abandoned Your Cat” (2019), at the 2021 Seoul International New Media Festival and the 2019 Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival where it was nominated for Best Documentary Short. Providence (2020) were official selections to film festivals including the 2020 Asian American International Film Festival and the San Diego Asian Film Festival.

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Another Tomorrow

No doubt life is full of ups and downs. What should you do when you make the wrong decisions? What if those choices affect others? Will you be content with being told a half truth? Should the past remain buried? No matter the outcome, the following films show us that there will always be another day.