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Directed by Amir Ali Sisipour

NOMINEE – Best Narrative Short

A boy named Mehran and his mother Ziba use a black fur to catch the shadow of people and drink it, until their own shadow returns. One day, Mehran decides to catch someone’s shadow alone.

Directed by Amir Ali Sisipour
Produced by Amir Ali Sisipour and Rostam Sisipour

Director’s Bio: Amir Ali Sisipour was born in the city of Bandar Abbas in the south of Iran. As a child, he would make short films with a home camera and played in several theaters as a teenager. He received a bachelor’s degree in puppet theater from Tehran University of Art, and proceeded to direct puppet theater. He is currently studying dramatic literature at Tarbiat Modares University in Tehran.

Plays in

Folktales Old & New

Whispers and hurried exchanges have long been the subject of mythic tales. They remind readers and listeners that we are small humans facing great unknowns. Visual design, sound, editing, and cinematography can elevate the effect of these tales when rendered in film. On the other hand, film can take away the intimacy of storytelling and mute the sense of mystery that originally made the stories so compelling. The shorts in this showcase navigate these murky waters, unearthing the unconscious from the depths of our collective imagination.