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Directed by Lauren To'omalatai

On a night out with friends, Jess briefly opens up about the grief she’s
continuing to process in the aftermath of her grandfather’s death. She decides to go
home early and while rummaging around in the kitchen for something to eat, startles her
grandmother and the two share a sweet moment through food and song, remembering
the man they’ve both lost.

Directed by Lauren To’omalatai

Director’s Bio: Lauren To’omalatai is a Sāmoan storyteller and community organizer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah on unceded Eastern Shoshone and Goshute land. She currently serves as the Director of the Utah Pacific Island Film Series which has focused on showcasing and supporting the work of Pacific Island filmmakers since 2016 and established its own film festival, the Māsima Film Tour amidst a pandemic.

Plays in

Adventures in Daughtering

Our relationships to our mothers are some of the most visceral ones we have. It has been said that this is all the more for daughters. The characters in these shorts display tremendous devotion whether they are in the role of daughter, granddaughter, or daughter-in-law.