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Directed by Karim Azimi

A young man and woman along with other immigrants are waiting for smugglers at the sea border to take them across the sea to America. The young woman’s pregnancy causes problems for them until…

Directed by Karim Azimi
Produced by Karim Azimi and Farshid Alizadeh

Director’s Bio: Karim Azimi was born in Ardebil, Azerbaijan, Iran in 1972 and speaks Azerbaijani. He has been in the field of cinema since 1987.

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Folktales Old & New

Whispers and hurried exchanges have long been the subject of mythic tales. They remind readers and listeners that we are small humans facing great unknowns. Visual design, sound, editing, and cinematography can elevate the effect of these tales when rendered in film. On the other hand, film can take away the intimacy of storytelling and mute the sense of mystery that originally made the stories so compelling. The shorts in this showcase navigate these murky waters, unearthing the unconscious from the depths of our collective imagination.