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The Sound of Dreaming

Sapana ko Awaz

Directed by Kalani Gacon

On her way to start a new life in Australia, Sonam remembers a trip she had with a ride-sharing motorcycle driver, Bikash, who had been having the same recurring dream as her. As Bikash and Sonam try to find eachother again in Kathmandu, Bikash begins to use his lucid dreams to find her in the real world.

Directed by Kalani Gacon
Produced by Sampada Malla

Director’s Bio: Kalani Gacon is an emerging filmmaker from the beautiful small, misty town of Katoomba, Australia who tells the stories of disappearing cultures, people’s dreams, and the frictions of life facing human beings in the changing world. He has worked across 4 continents in search of stories that touch the heart. He began his career working in TV and News at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), which led him to working professionally in top productions in Vancouver. Kalani has spent the past 7 years living and working in Nepal as a social worker and filmmaker.

Plays in

Hidden Passages

An astral door. A secret highway. A lost memory. As we are propelled across history, through pain, and into transcendence, the only thing we have to hold onto is other people. In this showcase of potent and evocative short films, the fantastic and surreal coalesce with deep human truths, telling stories about what we mean to each other and ourselves through the primal language of dreams and impulses. Characters overcome grief, find lost loves, and reconnect with the past. Explore the realms of joy, fear, and wonder as we enter life’s hidden passages.