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Nothing Personal

Directed by Brandon Okumura

Ethan, a reserved and lonely man, is in a casual, friends-with-benefits relationship with a woman named Jane. Despite hiding their true selves from each other, Ethan’s desire for honest human connection drives him to confront Jane about his feelings and risk the stability of the relationship.

Directed by Brandon Okumura
Produced by Monica Moon

Director’s Bio: Brandon Okumura is a Canadian-American film director based in Los Angeles. A champion of minority and LGBTQ+ representation in front of and behind the camera, Brandon directs dramedies focusing on mental health, relationships, growing up, and the absurdities of daily life through a BIPOC lens. His recent short film, “Maneki”, was an official selection at the 2022 Austin Film Festival, Asian American International Film Festival, Boston Asian American Film Festival, and the San Diego Asian Film Festival. He also recently directed a comedy sketch, The Evil Tread, for Wong Fu Productions.

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It can seem impossible to share private truths or show our weaknesses to the world, particularly when we belong to a minority group. Even if we’ve been taught that certain topics and experiences are taboo, there is healing to be found in sharing our stories. Empathize – cry, laugh, root for, triumph, or feel frustration – with the characters in these very personal stories as they struggle to take that first step in letting themselves be seen.