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It can seem impossible to share private truths or show our weaknesses to the world, particularly when we belong to a minority group. Even if we’ve been taught that certain topics and experiences are taboo, there is healing to be found in sharing our stories. Empathize – cry, laugh, root for, triumph, or feel frustration – with the characters in these very personal stories as they struggle to take that first step in letting themselves be seen.

Program curated by Chetana R. Narasimha Jois.

Pre-recorded Q&A available with rental.

In this program


Directed by Seth Imperial

A shy convenience store worker tries to win over a girl after finding out he is stuck in a time-loop during his night shift.

Nothing Personal

Directed by Brandon Okumura

A reserved and lonely man struggles to express his feelings to his friends-with-benefits while maintaining the delicate balance of their situationship.


Directed by Alexandra Qin

On a road trip with her younger sister, Charlie struggles to hide a secret sex addiction.

Bad Asian

Directed by Kim Marcelino

An Asian American woman’s internalized racism stands between her and a steamy one-night stand.


Directed by Farshid Gavilian

A young filmmaker struggles to communicate.


Directed by Kshitij Kumar Pandey

Butterflies return to Prajwal’s lonesome life when his lost childhood love returns to the city where he has recently moved. Racing against heavy Mumbai rains, will he finally be able to give her the letter he had written for her years ago?