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Directed by Alexandra Qin

Charlie and Nic are headed somewhere. We’re not sure where. All we know is Charlie can’t stop sending nudes and watching porn on her phone. Until she drops it in a toilet and it won’t turn back on. As the sisters go along their journey, Charlie’s need for sex intensifies and she resorts to more and more depraved behaviors to get her fix, even at the cost of harming her relationship with her sister.

Directed by Alexandra Qin
Produced by Brooke Goldman

Director’s Bio: Alexandra Qin is a French-Filipino-Chinese screenwriter/director. She was born and raised in Paris and is based in New York. Before pursuing filmmaking, she was a software engineer, the founder/CEO of a prison reform nonprofit, and an activist and international public speaker for diversity and inclusion in technology. Alexandra started writing her first screenplay in 2020. Since then, she has been the 2022 Page Awards Grand Prize Winner and a 2022 Nicholl Fellowship Semifinalist. Her first short film, “Thirstygirl”, premiered at the 2023 Provincetown International Film Festival followed by the Palm Springs International Shortfest. She is represented by Luber Roklin Entertainment.

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It can seem impossible to share private truths or show our weaknesses to the world, particularly when we belong to a minority group. Even if we’ve been taught that certain topics and experiences are taboo, there is healing to be found in sharing our stories. Empathize – cry, laugh, root for, triumph, or feel frustration – with the characters in these very personal stories as they struggle to take that first step in letting themselves be seen.