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Directed by Farshid Gavilian

A young filmmaker wants to watch his first film to connect with the residents of his apartment and get out of his loneliness, but he is having trouble communicating with them.

Directed by Farshid Gavilian
Produced by Farshid Gavilian and Parisa Shakiba

Director’s Bio: Farshid Gavilian is a member of the Sanandaj Youth Cinema Association, working as an assistant director and planner. “Zhakaw” is his first film.

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It can seem impossible to share private truths or show our weaknesses to the world, particularly when we belong to a minority group. Even if we’ve been taught that certain topics and experiences are taboo, there is healing to be found in sharing our stories. Empathize – cry, laugh, root for, triumph, or feel frustration – with the characters in these very personal stories as they struggle to take that first step in letting themselves be seen.