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Rock Inn

Directed by Fon Davis

It’s last call in more ways than one for the regulars and new visitors to a dive bar as an unexpected killer has been unleashed. The reason why is terrifying.

Directed by Fon Davis

Director’s Bio: In his three-decade career, Fon Davis has worked on over 40 feature films, countless music videos, commercials, TV shows and other projects. As an alumnus of the Industrial Light and Magic’s Model Shop, Fon has worked on Starship Troopers, Galaxy Quest, and Pearl Harbor, as well as the Star Wars, Terminator, Mission Impossible, and Jurassic Park franchises. In addition to his work in visual effects, Fon has also worked in several art departments on Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach, A Christmas Carol, Mars Needs Moms, Laika Entertainment’s Coraline and Warner Brothers The Matrix series.

Plays in

Dread the Darkness

Whether in a dingy bar, our very own bed, or a perfectly manicured household, fear of things beyond our control haunt us. When the lights go out for this block of short films, expect disturbing historical truths, jump scares, body horror – along with a healthy dose of animation, surprising laughs, and moving moments. These films will leave you wondering who holds the control, and whether or not any of us really have any power when night falls.