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Silent Talk

Directed by Rendro Aryo

One night full of tactics and puzzles, Monalisa is confronted by mysterious voices that disturb her. What is that sound? Who is Monalisa? What is she really looking for?

Directed by Rendro Aryo

Director’s Bio: Rendro Aryo is an Indonesian Film Director with a great passion for films. Rendro was born in Batam, Indonesia on October 5, 1993. Rendro studied film and graduated from Faculty of Film and Television, Jakarta Institute of the Arts. His short films have been selected and won at various National and International Film Festivals. He has worked as a director and screenwriter for several production houses in Indonesia.
 In 2019, Rendro founded independent production company Cahaya Films. Rendro continues to actively make short films, documentaries and commercial advertisements. 
Now Rendro is preparing his first feature film.

Plays in

Coming of Age at the End of the World

Is the end of the world literal or figurative? Each of these films depicts a moment in time when a character begins to understand the meaning of life – just when everything is coming to an end. So much life is lived in this program: coming to terms with a loss of autonomy, burning along with Hong Kong’s “cursed generation” in an over-surveilled record store, and existing in total isolation while the seasons change outside the window. Yes, the world these characters know is ending, but as with all endings, there is newness and change. These young people are gaining insight into how the old world works – just in time to build a different one.