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Coming of Age at the End of the World

Is the end of the world literal or figurative? Each of these films depicts a moment in time when a character begins to understand the meaning of life – just when everything is coming to an end. So much life is lived in this program: coming to terms with a loss of autonomy, burning along with Hong Kong’s “cursed generation” in an over-surveilled record store, and existing in total isolation while the seasons change outside the window. Yes, the world these characters know is ending, but as with all endings, there is newness and change. These young people are gaining insight into how the old world works – just in time to build a different one.

Program curated by Phoebe Schaub.

Pre-recorded Q&A available with rental.

In this program

The Mountain Rabbit

Directed by Lucy Soutter

An Asian woman comes to terms with her eccentric grandmother’s early signs of dementia.

Silent Talk

Directed by Rendro Aryo

One night Monalisa hears mysterious voices coming from her body.


Directed by Hadi Sheibani

Catwoman has gotten rather weak and cannot save people anymore.

A Long Alone

Directed by Eun-a Yeo

The record of discontinued time and place, from dying alone to discovery.
One year period after a person’s solitary death is shown in time-lapse.


Directed by Erica Kwok

Yumi, a young woman working at a record store, is on the verge of turning 27. As her birthday approaches, she is filled with apprehension due to the infamous ’27 Club’ associated with Kurt Cobain and the fate of other Western rock stars.