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Singing in the Lifeboat

Directed by Grace Wijaya

In the midst of the Covid pandemic, Jin, a Korean British woman in her 20s, flees to the tranquil woods of Pennsylvania in search of solace. Isolated and yearning for connection, she begins an unconventional companionship with the forest. Placing name tags on trees, she befriends them, finding comfort in their silent presence. As days blend into each other, Jin’s routine becomes a lifeline, shielding her from the relentless chaos outside. Yet, beneath the surface, her thoughts take a darker turn. The isolation that initially offered refuge now transforms into a haunting abyss, breeding desperation within her fragile psyche.

Directed by Grace Wijaya
Grace Wijaya, Zachary Jones, and Yaari Tal

Director’s Bio: Grace Wijaya, an Indonesian native who relocated to the US at 13, is a writer, director, and producer. Following a film and theater program in South Korea, she fostered cross-country film collaborations between Indonesia and South Korea. Now at The City College of New York, Grace is crafting her first film “Singing in the Lifeboat,” a multinational project fostering hope in uncertain times.

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