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Dawn of Skates

Film Dawn of Skates Directed by Mitch Truong A Vietnamese-American teenager finds her confidence through a great mentor and the art of rollerskating.
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This rental is no longer available

Program Dis/Connection It can seem impossible to share private truths or show our weaknesses to the world, particularly when we…
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Dread the Darkness

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Program Dread the Darkness Whether in a dingy bar, our very own bed, or a perfectly manicured household, fear of things beyond…

Erie County Smile

Film Erie County Smile Directed by Van Tran Nguyen “Erie County Smile” is a satirical short film which takes you on a guilt trip as Van dodges…

First Period

Film First Period Directed by Julianna Romero After a catholic middle schooler gets bullied about her period, her friend consoles her about accepting menstruation as…
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Folktales Old & New

This rental is no longer available

Program Folktales Old & New Whispers and hurried exchanges have long been the subject of mythic tales. They remind readers and listeners that…

For Roy

Film For Roy Directed by Vivian Cheung Inspired by true events, an imaginative girl attempts to fold a thousand cranes as she learns to lose…

Forget me – a goodbye letter

Film Forget me – a goodbye letter Directed by Ryan Chun-ren Shih A belated letter from 60 years ago explains a problematic event from a family’s past.
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Fraying Threads

This rental is no longer available

Program Fraying Threads The threads of our lineages weave together to tell the story of the present day. It is often…

Golden Voice

Film Golden Voice Directed by Mars Verrone Forty years after the Cambodian genocide, a transgender man returns to the village where he not only survived…

Goose Quest

This rental is no longer available

Film Goose Quest Directed by Clarisse Chua When Goosie's hamster, Nibbles, dies, the young goose will go on a quest to find the restart button.
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Growing Up: Family Shorts

This rental is no longer available

Program Growing Up: Family Shorts From childhood through our adult lives we make new friends and families members. They can be small, smelly,…