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Yaobikuni’s Love

Directed by Kentarou Miura

A woman who has become immortal from eating a mermaid is known as a Yaobikuni. When Miike starts spending time with and interviewing three modern day Yaobikuni women, those involved with it gradually start to disappear.

This will will screen in person and is available online for online rental.

Directed by Kentarou Miura

Director’s Bio: Kentarou Miura, born June 10th, 1986, graduated from the Toho Gakuen Film Techniques Training College, and later gained experience working as an assistant director for both films and documentary shows. Afterward, he put an emphasis on screenwriting.

Preceded By

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Directed by Clarisse Chua

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Dates & Times


Asian Arts Initiative

Thu, Nov 9
7:00 pm